Sunday, February 22, 2009


wow it's been a while since i last posted on here! i did promise that i will post as often as i would like 2. but i guess i didn't follow through. well it's my junior year of college. we are almost midway into the second semester of the school year. i have changed alot(i guess...) since my last post. i feel this year in 2009 i realized that i have become a "man." in other words i am realizing that i am developing plenty responsibilites and that i am embarking on starting a career in life and learing 2 beome an "adult." this semester i started my first internship at a nursing home called the united hebrew geatric center it's a nursing/rehabilitation center for seniors. it's an awesome place that i truly believe provides good services for residence. since i am a social work major i am working in the social services department. there are only 4 social workers (1 part time) on staff and there are about over 300 hundred residents living in the nursing home at the moment. i have been interning there for the past 3 weeks. i haven't been assigned any clients at the moment but i have been studying the general background of the facility as well as administrative work in terms of the services we provide to family/residents in the nursing home. i believe 2morrow (monday 23) i will be doing my first intake. i sat in on 2 intakes and it's not that bad 2 do. i am excited.

Monday, April 21, 2008

weekend blurb....blah blah blah

hey wuts up guys
omg it's been a while
since i wrote on here
i can't remember what
happened 4 the past week
but i can give u a little update
on this week.
well last week i mean.
well i couldn't wait till the
weekend cuz we had our
gospel concert which was really exceelnt
i really was gonna loose it on one of the songs
but i didn't want that spirit taking over
me on the stage lol! but alot of ppl said that we
were really good and inspiring. so yeah....
saturday was good. my sis spent the night in my dorm/apt.
i practice an african traditional religion called Ifa in most caribbean spanish
countries it's known as santeria. but anyway every third friday
of the month we have a misa. so i had 2 go 2 taht
then i came back 2 school sunday night. awesome
and great!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008



so today is thursday and today was really nice!! but it was a very disturbing and very interesting day. so let me do share w/ the world about today's incident


so today is thursday and i have 2 classes. not only do i have 2 classes but my first class starts at 3pm in the afternoon and then i have a night class. which is REALLY REALLY GOOD...i am taking an elective course for my major which is social work. but i wake and the first thing i say is yay today is the first meeting of the GSA and today it was 71 DEGREES!!! isn't that amazing? this is our real first spring weather. so i woke up took a shower and i decided to wear shorts. i freshened up...put on some deodorant and some powder.

i smelled so fresh and sooo clean lame of me lol! then i fixed the fronts of my locks which was pretty messed up. i walked down the stairs of my apt. and i just felt the warm weather hit my skin. i rushed on over to the GSA meeting w/ a huge pep in my step. the meeting was blah sooo not what i expected but w/e. then i chilled w/ some friends had an excellent calliente roll from the ave. deli. then i headed on over 2 mth class at 3 that was good i guess....then i had night class and we watched ORDINARY PPL!! I SUGGEST THAT PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH THAT. it's an old film from the 70's w/ mary tylor moore (the lady w/ the hat) and how a family deals w/ the death of their son and how it effects the family. then i head on over to mr. iona event held by the way i got in 4 awesome. i was not paying no damn 7 $ they buggin'!!


so i am at the mr. iona event and then one of my frat bro. says to me o...this girl told me that your mother has been looking 4 u. i am like what?? so i head on over 2 the girl to understand what was going on and she tells me o your mother is waiting 4 u in front of your apt. i am like what??? remember yesterday i was saying that my mother calls me at 6 am in the morning 2 pray. i wake up for the first time this morning and it's 8:35 ish and i am like hummm she didn't call...didn't think anything of it. didn't check my phone either cuz remember my phone is blank and sometimes it shuts off on me so w/ i wake up and start my day just how i explained under school. so i met my mother at the chinese restauraunt next 2 my apt. and she says i've been calling you all day. i didn't phone shut off on me. she understood. so we sat and talked about shit. she was worried for w/e reason and i felt bad...she came all the way from school. but yeah...pretty weird so yeah thats about it.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Blog Entry 4-9-08


hey guys!! My name is trini♥!! i am from brooklyn, ny. i am very new to this blogger thingy so yeah... ii am excited to start writing my thoughts for the day. sometimes i usually think and talk 2 myself in my head. most times when i talk to a person about me or an issue that occurs in my life sometimes i feel like there not understanding my point or statement ii am tryiiing to make. so i believe by writing thoughts down is the second step so people so i can clearly express my thoughts.


okay so today is wed. and i had 3 classes 2 day. english class is beginning 2 get tolerable. we're currently reading Maggie: A Girl of the Streets. pretty interesting book...well according 2 sparknotes lol! well i am in my sophomore year of college so college classes do tend to be boring. religion was kewl...i have one of the best professors on the college campus (well i seem 2 think so), professor delgado. she's really nice but at times she could get off topic. then i had math class which is long winded. she spends the whole class period lecturing on the material. i hate math but i must say the reason why i like that class is because it's a life-related class. which is my definition that simply means that the topics we are doing in class relates to life problems etc. so yeah...then i had step practice which is a good place to step of course and talk about problems we are having in school and life etc. big up 2 Limited Edition Step Team for referring me to this site.


ok so my mother just called me a few minutes ago...
ma: trini love
ma: trini love
me: yes
ma: yes??, you know trini love your really getting out of hand
me: yes, mommy
ma: i just wanted to call to remind you that we are praying in the morning. let me know if you don't want to do it because i am not gonna twist your arm to do it
me: yes i am gonna do it
ma: well that's all i called you for
me: ok..bye
now can anyone tell me whats wrong with this dialog? ok i totally disrespected her by not saying, yes mommy!!! ok ok ...fine but what am i getting really out of hand about?? what did i do? since last month my mother will call me and my sister and we would pray over the phone for w/e etc. which is fine w/ me. i actually find it uplifting. now...i am a college student so everyone knows if your a resident on campus your not going to bed at 9 0'clock...the latest i go 2 bed is 2 o'clock am. she calls us every thursday at 6 o'clock am. now a couple of times i missed the phone prayer thingy cuz 1. my phone screen is blank and sometimes my phone shuts of by itself, so if she calls i am not gonna hear the phone vibrate 2. i usually keep my phone under my pillow but some nites i have it elsewhere so if she calls i am not gonna hear it vibrate 3. sometimes i am in such a deep sleep so i can't hear the phone vibrate. she knows my phone is messed up and i do tell her truth when i missed it a couple of times so she knows the deal. now if read the dialog again she said...well u know i am not gonna twist your arm if you don't want to do it. what makes you think i don't wanna do it. just because i missed a few times.

HELLO IT'S 6 AM IN THE MORNING...I DON'T EVEN SCHEDULE MY CLASSES 4 9 O'CLOCK CUZ IT'S SO DAMN EARLY...SO WHO WANTS TO GET UP AT 6 IN THE MORNING?? but she doesn't think to say well at least when he does pick up his found sounding all tired at 6 in the morning he does do it. and if i didn't wanna do it (which is not the case) rather i would do it but at least change the time. i understand that around 7 am your getting ready 4 work in the morning so when i do pick up we are praying or w/e so why does she have 2 be so sarcastic and say i am not gonna twist your arms. at least i am doing the damn thing. it's always about HER!! that previous sentence does sound childish but it's true. no one else has problems but her...yes me and my sister maybe a burden on her but u ain't the only one in the world w/ issues. first of all yes i disrespected you but what if i had a rough day in school 2day or thinking about some things and thats how you talk to your son?? yeah thats that

so yeah thats my day...i know i write plenty. when i am writing it's like a rolling steam that goes on and on and on...well signing off here Trini Love


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